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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a free public service to homeowners upside down in value by directly assisting them with the available State and Federal Programs. Quality Home Options delivers the detailed and accurate information homeowners need in order to reach the best decision possible. Our service is at absolutely no cost to the homeowner. We uphold legal, moral and ethical standards for our clients, ensuring they are fully equipped with the tools to reach the optimal outcome and protect them from taking unnecessary risks.


Paul Campanaro

Paul Campanaro has been a licensee in the state of Nevada for over a decade. Paul currently manages the Short Sale Division under Las Vegas Quality Realty.  Paul was an originating Member of the Foreclosure Center at Realty Executives and initiated the Executive Coaching & Executrac Programs in order to help licensees deal with the conditions of distressed properties. Paul also created the Short Sale Fast Track Program at Prudential Americana to mentor newer licensees in the handling of homeowner’s questions and concerns regarding being upside down in value. His expertise and level of knowledge have earned him the appointment of Director of Operations for Quality Home Options. Paul is a Certified Foreclosure Alternative Consultant and a Certified Short Sale Professional. As a writer for a local real estate column he accepts the responsibility of providing accurate and reliable information for people to make informed decisions in the Las Vegas real estate market. Paul himself has experienced the hardship of severe depreciation and carries this with him in his compassion and empathy with his clients. Paul treats every client as an individual and considers all factors in analyzing their scenario. In addition to his long list of credentials, Paul, as a devoted husband and loving father of two, understands true family values and what home really means. Paul Campanaro is genuinely committed to servicing the residents of Las Vegas by his great efforts in providing tangible quality options.

Valentino Crespo

Valentino Crespo is a Hispanic licensee with a background in Real Estate and a concentration in Government Programs. Valentino has helped hundreds of homeowners decide on the best course of action by navigating them through the State and Federal guidelines.
As a Certified Foreclosure Alternative Consultant, Valentino’s intimate knowledge of all relative programs ensures the client’s reception of all pertinent information. His work with Large Corporate Real Estate Brokers in Southern Nevada has provided a solid background of experience and skills to take clients through the process of dealing with distressed properties. Valentino understands the experience of being upside down in value and gives the utmost respect to each individual. Valentino has made a special commitment to help his Spanish-speaking clientele receive honest service and clear communication. Valentino is a dedicated husband and father committed to servicing Nevada through his work providing real options to real homeowners upside down in value.